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Want to introduce an SME?

2013-08-08 22:01:32 by HardHart

Even though PTSquirrel was upset when he hosted an episode, doesn't mean everyone will be an asshurt sperg about it.

If U wanna have yourself introduce an SME just tell me. If theres anything funny you want to say I'll put that in too.

Funny SME Parody

2013-07-30 16:20:29 by HardHart

Whether you like my movies or not, you'll probably enjoy this.

Working on a new series.

2013-06-29 17:36:26 by HardHart

I will still do SMEs but I will be making a new series as well.

The new series will be called "YO DAWG, SUP?!". Four highschool dropouts in their early 20's (Except one who's 46 years old) who get free money from Obama just trying to have a good time until someone tells them not to!

SME Suggestions

2013-06-20 16:49:19 by HardHart

Suggest TV Shows for me to do in further installments of the SME series.