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Entry #4

Want to introduce an SME?

2013-08-08 22:01:32 by HardHart

Even though PTSquirrel was upset when he hosted an episode, doesn't mean everyone will be an asshurt sperg about it.

If U wanna have yourself introduce an SME just tell me. If theres anything funny you want to say I'll put that in too.


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2013-08-09 00:17:27

You can use my old school Barney Bunch name, BarneyPoop. Go ahead, it'll be funny :)


2013-08-09 16:09:54

Do a SME about MLP an make Spike say..''I love to put my tail inside my own anus'' XD


2013-08-13 07:24:42

You didn't ask, you just took me and used me for something i don't condone nor would have want to. thus i took it to be malicious and given your track record and my hatred for your putrid works.
Twitter did the same thing and look at that flak they got.
Can you blame me?

HardHart responds:


You're a self entitled twat who thinks he's immune from being laughed at. If the same happened to me I would have laughed with it.

Another user on NG put me in his video, but I didn't have it taken down.


2013-11-23 22:31:23

Do dora please i fking hate her